Splash out for a great cause at Aquarena Leisure Centre

Not everyone gets the chance to learn how to swim. People with disabilities often require specially qualified instructors, accessible facilities and equipment. Your wonderful support will help us provide these, so that no child or adult living in Manningham (your local community) misses out.

At Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre our goal is to raise $5,000.00 so we can support people with disabilities in our local community access our pools, learn how to swim and enjoy the water safely.

At Aquarena we currently have over 3,000 members and hundreds of highly motivated and committed, fit and healthy lap swimmers. If we can encourage and gain the support of 100 generous and compassionate members to each raise just $50 to $100 each, we can reach our fundraising target of $5,000.00.

That would make such an amazing difference to people with a disability in our community.

Your donation and all funds raised will directly go to help to:

  • Provide specialised swimming lessons for children and adults with a disability
  • Purchase equipment to improve access for people with a disability
  • Provide increased education and instructor training to meet the unique needs of participants

To Participate (and be our champion)
Simply turn up to our event on the morning or register online now, create a profile page, make a small donation or set a small goal ($25-$100) or ask colleagues,  friends and family for a little support to achieve your goal for what is a wonderful, local cause and our only major fundraising event of the year.

Event Details

When: Sunday morning, 5th March 2017

Time: 8.00am (open) – 11.00pm
Where: Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre, outdoor 50mtre heated pool.

Swimathon participants can swim any distance of their choosing from 50m to 1000mtrs for any length of time (15 mts – 1 hour) during the allotted 2 hour total Swimathon event timeslot. Swim for a distance and time that totally suits you, it’s the fundraising that counts.

Aquarena members and/or casual centre users can simply choose to complete their usual lap swimming session/workout for their fitness, health and wellbeing, but on this occasion/morning registration and funds raised go to a great cause.

This is a great morning to get together with fellow Aquarena members and staff (see photos of last year below and on Facebook).  The outdoor 50 metre pool area will be set for this fundraising event.

There will be a registration area, hot and cold breakfast (muffins, croissants, pastries, fruit platter, juice and tasty sausage sizzle) dedicated swim lanes, Gatorade drink stations, lots of Swimathon support staff and more. Every swimathon participant will also receive a very special gift and our appreciation. 

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